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Azure Weekly Issue 126: 28th May 2017

Eagle-eyed readers may notice a few changes in this issue of Azure Weekly; as there were many big announcements at BUILD, I thought it would be worth revisiting the taxonomy of the newsletter to align it more with the Azure product offerings as they stand now. This means we have a new "Containers" section, as well as "AI + Cognitive Services". I've also separated "Security + Identity" from "Enterprise Integration". Hopefully this all makes sense!

It seems a relatively quiet week after the tidal wave of news that accompanied the BUILD conference. My picks from this weeks articles are:

As we at endjin are particularly interested in all things Big Compute (it was nice to get a call out from the Batch product team last week), first up are two Batch/GPU related articles: the latest Azure Podcast covers Batch / HPC workloads: Episode 180 - HPC/Batch & Bright Computing while Yannis Assael from Oxford University talks about Neural networks and deep learning with Microsoft Azure GPU.

Next, Shahed Chowdhuri shows how to get up and running with your Azure Functions Dev Workflow

Sam Cogan digs a little deeper into one of the announcements at BUILD that makes life for anyone who authors ARM templates a whole lot better: Conditions in ARM Templates – The Right Way

Scott Hanselman explores the preconfigured browser-based Linux Cloud Shell built into the Azure Portal

We've spent most of this year creating modern data platforms based on Azure Data Lake and think it's one of the hidden gems in the Azure Ecosystem; at BUILD it was announced that you could provision HBase cluster with Azure Data Lake Store in a few easy steps.

In Container-Land, there's a great in-depth article by Péter Márton, about how you can pack a Kubernetes Microservices App with Helm on Azure Container Service.

One of the most exciting announcements at BUILD was Cosmos DB; Paulo Marques shows how the Azure RM Storage Tables PowerShell module now includes support for Cosmos DB Tables.

Finally, two interesting articles about using Power BI to visualise data you can obtain from Azure: SQL Azure Blob Auditing Basic Power BI Dashboard, and Visualize DSC Reporting with PowerBI

AI + Machine Learning

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Developer Tools

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Internet of Things

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Management and Governance

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Microsoft Azure Stack

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