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Issue 246: 13th October 2019

Among the announcements this week, we've been told that Azure Data Factory Mapping Data Flows are now generally available, a tool to address the "T" in ETL, and we've also been told about the 16 new built-in AAD roles - including Global reader, which are now available in preview.

Issue 245: 6th October 2019

Earlier this week, we were at Future Decoded, where our customer, OceanMind, a Microsoft AI for Earth grant recipient, were featured in the keynote. Later on the first day Nick Wise, the founder & CEO of OceanMind was interviewed about the work the organisation does to combat illegal fishing, modern slavery & human trafficking on fishing vessels, and detecting illegal salvage activity over protected war graves and wreck sites. 

Issue 244: 29th September 2019

This week, Visual Studio 2019 version 16.3 has been released, including support for .NET Core 3.0 and TypeScript 3.6 and numerous updates for Python devs. We've also been told about the general availablilty of Azure Sentinel, and the new version of Azure Storage Explorer.

Issue 243: 22nd September 2019

A few highlights from the endjin blog this week: This week we've got another update from our raspberry pi exploration - Mike covers Passwordless SSH from Windows 10 to Raspberry Pi, a really useful tip for quick set up!  Jess has written a great blog on Long Running Functions in Azure Data Factory, covering Durable Functions, ADF and ARM deployment. And Carmel writes: "How Azure DevTestLabs is helping me climb Everest" while remote working from a youth hostel in the Lake District.

Elsewhere, Gregor Suttie has announced The 2019 Azure Advent Calendar, which will bring us a month of exciting Azure content! And finally, a useful tip on how to Retrieve Azure Storage access keys in an ARM template from Eldert Grootenboer, a trick we've used many times to secure our storage accounts via key vault.

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