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Issue 262: 16th February 2020

Welcome to the 262nd edition of Azure Weekly! And for those of you in the UK, hope you have some great half term plans! This week the Azure Updates team have announced that private endpoints for Azure Key Vault are now in preview, and Callon Campbell has highlighted that Azure Apps Demo Map is now live - this is a great resource for exploring lots of interesting cloud architectures!

Jason Roberts continues his series on Azure Functions and Function Monkey, looking at Dependency Injection & Validation. There's also a great episode of Azure Friday which focuses on an Intro to Rudr: A Kubernetes Implementation of the Open Application Model. Dapr, Rudr, OAM and CNAB are particular areas of interest at endjin at the moment.

This week Carmel and Jess appeared on the .NET Rocks! podcast to talk about Combating Illegal Fishing using Machine Learning, they discussed our recent work with OceanMind where we enabled them to make use of cloud technologies to have an even greater global impact. Definitely give it a listen if you get the chance!

James Broome has also written a blog on Azure Analysis Services: How to open a connection from .NET, and Ed Freeman has provided a great write-up of his experience at NDC London 2020.

Issue 260: 2nd February 2020

This week Microsoft announced their Q2 earning: commercial cloud hits $50 billion annual run rate, with Azure revenue up 62%. Impressive numbers indeed.

Last year endjin spent 12 weeks building an Azure solution to help process over 1.5B rows of data to display to the user in less then 3 seconds. This was powered by the incredibly powerful, yet often overlooked Azure Analysis Services. James Broome, Director of Engineering, is writing an 8 part series on this service. The first two were published this week: 8 reasons why you might want to integrate into a custom application and Integration options using .NET, REST APIs and PowerShell.

We've also released a detailed, 37 minute step-by-step customer propensity experiment with Azure Machine Learning Studio video by Ed Freeman (@edfreeman_) on the endjin YouTube channel. It's a great real world example, guiding you through each step and explaining each concept. There's a reason why Ed won the National Computing Rising "Cloud Apprentice" award 2019!

Other highlights this week include Jason Roberts (@robertsjason) blogged about Creating Azure Functions with Function Monkey, and Azure MVP Callon Campbell (@flying_maverick) highlights the Azure Spring Clean 2020 online community event.

Two other articles that caught my attention were Azure Data Factory is now available in South Africa North and Roelf Zomerman's detailed post on Highly Available Firewalls and Proxies in Azure - which contains lots of great examples.

Issue 259: 26th January 2020

We've had a few small (but meaningful) updates for Azure Data Factory this week. The copy activity now supports resume from last failed run (perfect for your long running pipelines!); it now supports copying data into SFTP, and also supports loading data into Azure Synapse Analytics. This week, we've also been told that Azure Functions runtime 3.0 is now generally available, so you can now target .NET Core 3.1 and Node 12, and benefit from "high backwards compatibility". So don't be afraid to upgrade!

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