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Issue 302: 29th November 2020

Firstly, I'd like to highlight an event happening next week - Create:Data. This is a Microsoft-run event about all things data and analytics. Tune in on the 7th of December to hear what the experts have to say about upcoming trends, best practices and how data can be used as a force for good!

On the Azure blog, Noelle Walsh discusses achieving 100% renewable energy with 24/7 monitoring in Microsoft Sweden. If you;re interested in governance of your Azure estate you can now export and manage Azure Policy as code with GitHub. GitOps FTW! Matt Cooper highlights the new "View YAML" experience in Azure DevOps.

Finally, on the dev site, Nitya Narasimhan invites us to join the Virtual Festive Potluck Challenge with "Seasons of Serverless". A great way to get into the festive mood!

Issue 301: 22nd November 2020

This week, on the Azure blog, Kevin Raines discusses Azure high-performance computing at Supercomputing 2020. Leslie Richardson and Sagar Shetty discuss performance profiling .NET object allocation using the tracking tool. This is an incredibly useful tool for aiding in low-allocation compute (which can provide huge cost savings when ising Azure Functions - for more on that check out this blog!).

Seth Juarez and Rafal Lukawiecki delve into reproducible data science with Machine Learning. Elsewhere, on Ctrl-Alt-Azure, Tobias Zimmergren and Jussi Roine run through the news in Azure for November 2020.

One of my favourite session from the recent dotnetconf was the .NET Interactive team's session "Remote Computer Science with Pi-Top smart rover , .NET interactive Microsoft Bot & Microsoft Teams". If you have 30 minutes spare, I'd highly recommend it - especially if you're trying to get children into STEM. It also shows the power of Microsoft's investments in Cloud, AI, IOT and Developer Tools over the last few years.

And finally, one of our major projects over the summer was to modernise many of our DevOps processes, to reduce the overhead of our ever growing (30+) open source projects. James Dawson continues his series on GitOps in: Does your GitHub Repo need 'Code Operations'?

Issue 300: 15th November 2020

In honour of our 300th edition, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has been following over the past 6 years, and huge welcome to all the new-comers!

It's been a big week in the .NET community, with the long awaited release of .NET 5. In line with this, the Azure team have announced that .NET 5 now available in App Service! It was also lovely to see endjin get a mention in the .NET Foundation keynote, as we became Corporate Sponsors earlier this year (individuals can become members, and talk to your leadership about whether your org can become a corporate sponsor too). Alongside this, they have also announced that premium tier for Azure Data Lake Storage is now generally available.

On the Azure blog, Mark Russinovich has written a great post on advancing global network reliability through intelligent software. And, on the Microsoft Developer blog, the ream has announced the Release of the Git Experience in Visual Studio, which anyone using VS this week may already be aware of!

Elsewhere, Thomas Maurer has provided a run-down of Azure Learning and Microsoft Certifications, which is definitely worth checking out if you're thinking of getting Microsoft certified.

Finally, Sam Smith walks through using what-if to optimize ARM template deployments, which could have a drastic impact on pipeline performance.

Issue 299: 8th November 2020

This week, the Azure team have announced that the Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 recursive access control list update is generally available, meaning that you can now update access control lists recursively over a folder structure.

On the Azure blog, Julia White discusses how Microsoft is committing to sustainable urban environments for World Cities Day 2020 and Deborah Bach walks through how a cloud-based solution is transforming care for people with cystic fibrosis.

On the Microsoft Developer blog, Donovan Brown asks: "What is DevOps?"

And finally, one of the recent nice innovations from the Visual Studio team is GitHub Codespaces AKA the Azure powered development experience. Worth checking out to understand how the coding experience is evolving.

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