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Issue 456: 3rd March 2024

A varied selection of articles this week. Let's start with AI; Fine Tuning with Function Calling on Azure OpenAI Service and Cost Optimized hosting of Fine-tuned LLMs in Production.

Lots of Analytics updates this week, highlights include; Introducing Managed Private Endpoints for Microsoft Fabric in Public Preview, What is Eventstream in Microsoft Fabric - Part 1, and a some great Enhanced Performance in Additional Regions: Azure Synapse Analytics Spark Boosted by up to 77%.

In App Dev; Path and hostname-based routing in Azure Container Apps with NGINX, Everything you need to know about Azure Public & Private DNS, and App Configuration: where does it go.

Finally, Backstage is an open platform for building developer portals, we've been using it at endjin for a while now. We use it to put a UI over our large open source estate. We've built a number of plugins for surfacing engineering practices metrics, security and compliance information, like OpenChain. Our instance runs in Azure Container Apps, but there's a great article about Introduction and Deployment of Backstage on Azure Kubernetes Service.

Issue 455: 25th February 2024

First up, a new service! This looks particularly useful for orgs that have a lot of data, and want to automate the lifecycle: Introducing Azure Storage Actions: Serverless storage data management. Another useful new service is the Azure API Center: The First Look - which allows you to catalog your APIs.

Next, in AI, there's a new service which makes RAG over your own data, much simpler; On Your Data is now Generally Available in Azure OpenAI Service. Two other interesting posts: Deploying Azure Kubernetes Service Demo Store App with Azure Open AI and Embedding flows created with Microsoft Prompt Flow in your own applications.

There are a number of good Microsoft Fabric related posts: Spreadsheets to Lakehouse - A History of Microsoft Fabric and Deploying to Development, Test and Production environments in Microsoft Fabric. Using Fabric for IoT scenarios in Microsoft Fabric RTA: Copilot supports KQL, and new learning resources in Unlocking Your Career Potential with Microsoft Fabric Career Hub.

Finally, we're only a few months away from SQLBits - the leading conference for data professionals to network, develop and share data knowledge. Marisa Mathews highlights all the Microsoft sessions at SQLBits 2024. (A reminder that Ed Freeman and Barry Smart are running a 1 day workshop: DataOps: How to Deliver Data Faster and Better with Microsoft Cloud. Book now!)

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