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Issue 286: 2nd August 2020

This week, Scott Hoag and Ben Stegink present: "Are You Inspired Yet?" - All the announcements from Inspire.

As we mentioned last week, many of the announcements were aimed at the Partner ecosystem, but you can watch all of the featured sessions here.

Elsewhere, on Channel 9, Rob Sewell and Anna Hoffman discuss how to Use .NET Interactive Jupyter Notebooks in Daily Work-Life.

The virtual event CREATE:Frontend also happened this week, and there were some excellent sessions around static sites. Nitya Narasimhan has written a great post about Inclusive Design For Emerging Markets: A Static Web Apps Discussion. And, Wassim Chegham covers "Why static sites are back"! Finally, this week also saw a .NETConf with a focus on microservices. You can catch up on the recording of the Twitch broadcast here.

Issue 285: 26th July 2020

The (virtual) Microsoft Inspire Conference was held this week, so there are a number of new Azure announcements, although many of them are aimed at the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem, with announcements around products like Lighthouse, but for the wider ecosystem, the biggest announcement seemed to center on Azure Stack HCI. You can catch up with all the announcements with the Inspire Book of News.

Ed Freeman has written a great summary of how to use Azure Key Vault for Encryption in C#. On the Azure DevOps blog, Sidi Merzouk has provided an Azure DevOps Roadmap update for Q3 - some exciting things on there to look forward to!

And, on the Azure blog, Erik Rifkin provides and introduction to the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework. This provides a set of Azure architecture best practices to help you build and deliver great solutions.

The updates team have also announced OpenID Connect support for Azure App Service and Azure Functions is in preview. And John Chirapurath has written a guide on how toinnovate in Azure with confidence. Eslewhere, Ryan Kennedy has walked through reading and Writing data in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 with Azure Databricks

Finally, John Papa is hosting a free 90 minute workshop on Azure Static Websites on July 29th. I thoroughly enjoyed John's Vue courses on Pluralsight, and I've done quite a bit of experimentation with Azure Static Websites as I've build a version of the new using it; the only reason it's not currently live is the lack of support for APEX (naked) domains before GA. The course will be worth checking out!

Issue 284: 19th July 2020

There have been a lot of great posts this week...

Jess Panni has written an excellent blog about Azure Synapse Analytics, how serverless is replacing the data warehouse.

Azure Time Series Insights Gen2 has been released, and aims to be the industrial IoT analytics platforms. On the Azure Podcast, Stephen Wu discusses the new Azure Data Lake Storage Static Website, and Tobias Zimmerman discusses how to Create a custom Azure Security Center recommendation with Azure Policy.

Rick Vanover highlights that Azure Storage Explorer has been updated with new capability for Blobs. And, alongside this, Klaas Langhout walks through how to Run high scale workloads on Blob storage with new 200 TB object sizes.

Francesca Lazzeri highlights a Data Science Video Series for getting started with Machine Learning on Azure, and finally, Carmel Eve has written a post around how to prepare for Exam AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure.

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