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Issue 254: 8th December 2019

This week, we've been told about the Extended filesystem programming capabilities in Azure Data Lake Storage, meaning you can now perform filesystem operations for ADLS in .NET, Python, Java, PowerShell or the Azure CLI - this is going to be very handy! We've also been told about the Application Gateway Ingress Controller for Azure Kubernetes Service, and the latest version of Visual Studio 2019 (16.4) has been released.

Issue 252: 24th November 2019

Now that the Ignite dust has settled, we've had a sweep through the newsletter and spruced up the categories. You'll see a few new categories (Hybrid, Mixed Reality and Windows Virtual Desktop), and you'll see some new services as part of their corresponding category. Make sure you have a flick through to see what's changed.

Issue 251: 17th November 2019

A couple of GA announcements this week: the new Azure HPC Cache service is now GA, a service to help with the more demanding workloads out there, and GitHub Actions for Azure is now generally available - check out Mike's blog Comparing GitHub Actions and Azure Pipelines if you're unsure how they compare.

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