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Issue 476: 21st July 2024

I've been scouring the web for new blogs and have added over 80 new RSS feeds. If you have any suggestions, please get in contact. There some interesting posts this week, starting with a 3 part series on Mastering the Dapr Inner Development Loop: Part 1: Code & Unit Test, and Part 2: Run & Validate Apps Locally and Part 3: Deploy to Kubernetes.

Next up Azure Savings Plans vs Reservations: Choosing the Best Cloud Computing Option and a Step by step Guide to Logic App Standard Load Testing and Optimization, and Going beyond Azure AI Text to Speech Maximum Media Duration of 10 Minutes.

A guide to Using AZD for faster incremental Azure Container App deployments in Azure DevOps, a deep dive on Bicep Azure Verified Modules, and finally, a very useful learning resource How to build Python Web Apps from our 6-part series.

Issue 473: 30th June 2024

Still no Azure Updates RSS feed, so here's the official update blog post for the Week of June 27, 2024. Notable announcements this week start with a very important Update on MFA requirements for Azure sign-in, next is Introducing the Microsoft Entra PowerShell module, and Join us in July for Securing AI Apps on Azure.

Two other interesting articles, the first about Deploying A GPT-4o Model to Azure OpenAI Service and the second about Empowering cloud efficiency through FinOps.

Other interesting updates include:support of OCI v1.1 specification in Azure Container Registry, and public preview of Geo-Replication for Azure Service Bus Premium, and Azure API Center: Centralizing API Management for Enhanced Discovery and Governance, and the usual epic Microsoft Fabric June 2024 Update.

Finally Barry Smart has written a great article Launchpad to Success: Building and Leading Your Data Team which outlines how to become goal focused to deliver significant and valuable outcomes.

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