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Issue 225: 19th May 2019

This week we've got a few of our own blogs we'd like to highlight. First of all, we'd like to announce that we have become Snowflake Partners. Snowflake, the "designed for the cloud" data warehouse brings with it lots of amazing features, along with our admiration. Elsewhere, Carmel Eve has provided an insightful blog about Using Databricks Notebooks to run an ETL process, and James Broome has written a thorough blog, describing How to create a Power BI workspace in an Azure DevOps Pipeline using Powershell.

Issue 224: 12th May 2019

Welcome to the Microsoft //build 2019 bumper edition of Azure Weekly! Lots and lots of exciting announcements to bring you this week. As with the last few bumper editions, we'll lay out the announcments in this editorial as we lay out the normal newsletter, so you can more easily find the updates for the categories you're most interested in. Without further ado, let's get started:

Issue 223: 5th May 2019

We've been experimenting with Azure Data Factory Mapping Data Flows recently. It's a new drag-and-drop ETL capability in ADF. Whilst there are still a few rough edges (which is understandable whilst it's still in limited public preview), we believe it has the potential to be an extremely useful tool for easily creating ETL pipelines. Carmel has summarized our experience of the new feature here. Elswhere, Heather Spetalnick has written about Building recommender systems with Azure Machine Learning service, sharing a handy GitHub repository which provides numerous resources to help you get started.

Issue 222: 28th April 2019

We're proud to be Snowflake partners here at endjin - we believe it'a a hugely powerful data warehousing and analytics tool. This week our very own Jess Panni has described how to create a Snowflake Connector for Azure Data Factory in a two part series. Read Part 1 and Part 2. Elsewhere, Siddhartha Chaturvedi has announced the beginning of the AI for Good developer challenge. You need to come up with an idea that uses AI for the greater good between now and the 26th June (this year!) to stand the chance to win thousands of dollars worth of Azure credits and some fancy gadgets.

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