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Azure Weekly Issue 191: 9th September 2018

Here are this week's announcements and updates:

Of the above links I'm most excited about the Cosmos DB emulator for VSTS; running large amounts of integration tests against Cosmos in your CI/CD environment can become very expensive, as you tend to need to increase your RU/s to run your tests quickly and in parallel! 

In other interesting content this week; I love how the Azure Event Hubs team are integrating popular open source technologies / protocols with proprietary Azure services (I wish more of the Azure product groups would take this approach; enriching rather than either / or) - see Azure Event Hubs with Kafka coolness with Dan Rosanova, A powerful cloud service from Microsoft has been rolled out to another UK region, a very interesting post about Connected Arms – Can AI Revolutionize Prosthetic Devices & Make them More Affordable and finally two really good articles about Azure (Durable) Functions: an Introduction to Azure Durable Functions and Correlated Structured Logging on Azure Functions

It's also time to get our monthly round-up of all the Microsoft Azure Industry Experiences team's content:

Firstly there's a nice overview of how to drive industry transformation with Azure – Getting started – Edition 1



Health & Life Sciences



Finally, it was an important week at endjin as we announced that Ian Griffiths has join as our first Technical Fellow. We took the opportunity to write a 5 part Q&A with Ian. The two topics that may be of interest to subscribers of this newsletter are part 2 - The .NET Ecosystem & The Cloud, and part 3 - Data & AI, although I'd highly recommend reading all 5 parts!

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